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Trudy 2019

Trudy Hershberger, CMMC
Bedford Township Clerk 

Certified Elections Clerk
Phone:  734-224-7328
Fax: 734-847-7809

Deputy Clerk - Nancy Gin                      Clerical Assistant - Angie Dec 
Phone:  734-224-7334                                           Phone: 734-224-7320 or 734-224-7323
email:                                email:

The Township Clerk's office is to act as a day-to-day liaison between the public and the Township Board for the purpose of managing the operations of the township. The office of Township Clerk is an elected board position, responsible for keeping the township's documents and records, the preparation of agendas and taking minutes of the township board meetings.  The clerk is also responsible for the care and upkeep of the township cemeteries, compilation and publication of the UPDATE (the township quarterly newsletter), updating, codifying, and publishing the changes in the Zoning and General Code Ordinances, serves as the township's FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) Coordinator, oversees collating and maintaining annual financial statements, and various policy/procedure manuals.  Additional duties include  providing notary services free of charge to Bedford Township residents, and administering the Oath of Office for all township elected or appointed offices.  In addition, the township's records retention, storage, and timely destruction are handled by the Clerk's office. In October 2003, in order to provide another service to the residents, the Clerk's Department became a passport facility. We are a "one-stop" service, not only processing applications, but offering passport photos as well. If you're planning to travel abroad, click the  following link for more details. Passports

One of the primary statutory functions of the Township Clerk is to encourage and educate the public on voter registration, to maintain all voter registration records for Bedford Township and Bedford Public Schools, as well as being responsible for all aspects of all elections, including the training of election inspectors.  On an annual basis the township clerk visits senior centers and the local high school to register prospective voters as well as encourage all registered voters to vote.