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Grant Writing Committee:
Barry Buschmann - 2nd term ending 12/31/2022
Ann Karmol - 1st term ending 12/31/2022
Brienne Laskey - 1st term ending 12/31/2022
Amy Lingle - 1st term ending 12/31/2022
Josh Stump - 1st term ending 12/31/2022
Stephanie Zarb - 1st term ending 12/31/2022

Trudy Hershberger, Board Liaison

Mission Statement
To seek various types of grant opportunities for Bedford Township to achieve the goals of the Township Master Plan, including energy efficiencies, safety, infrastructure, and other areas that will benefit the citizens of Bedford Township.

~ What do we want to accomplish
      * Base goals on the most current version of the Township Master Plan
      *  Set clear goals for which grants we would try to seek first
      *  Pursue simple grants at the beginning, then work on more complex as we progress 
      *  Focus on - 
                ~  Public Works Grants
                ~  Infrastructure Grants
                ~  Development Grants
                ~  Energy Efficiencies

~  Identify and work with potential entities to provide resources or funding for grant opportunities
      *  Energy Initiatives (LED) - Consumers Energy?
      *  La-Z-Boy Foundation?
      *  DOW - Solar Panels / Solar Fields?
      *  MTA - State / Federal Grants
      *  Various Universities and Monroe County Community College

One very important point is; before the committee would exhaust time and effort to begin writing / seeking a specific grant, the committee would make recommendation to the Township Board for approval.  The reason we would seek approval is that the Township Board would need to agree that they would approve the matching funds (generally 10% - 40%) if the grant was awarded.

It would not make sense to spend time and effort if the board was not going to approve the spending match.