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Township Trustees

Township Trustees

 Rick Steiner - - 
 Craig Montri - - 419-344-6930
 Todd Bruning - - 505-379-0498
 Joe Gore - - 734-854-4145

 Mission Statement

The mission of the Bedford Township Trustees is to work in cooperation with other elected township officials with a view to achieving objectives designed to benefit our residents. We further purpose to remain responsive to individual residential concerns while providing a safe environment for raising families and conducting business in Bedford Township.


Trustees are members of the Township Board just as the Supervisor, Clerk and Treasurer. As such, they have an equal voice in legislative government decisions within the township's jurisdiction. Trustees differ from the Supervisor, Clerk and Treasurer inasmuch as they are not delegated specific statutory duties and responsibilities. However, the Trustees serve on various other boards and are liaisons of the Township Board to county and local committees.

Responsibilities assumed by the trustees are often for purposes of expedience or taken up because of a particular individual's expertise in a certain area.

As the name implies, a trustee maintains a position of public trust with fiduciary responsibilities to manage the funds of the township in the best interests of the public.

Trustees are required to attend township board meetings and participate in decisions and deliberations. They take very seriously their responsibility to preserve the health, safety and general welfare of the public they serve.