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NON-EMERGENCY: 734-847-6146 (Bedford Substation) 


The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office operates a substation from the Bedford Township Hall.  Assigned to the substation is a district commander, a detective and ten contract deputies.  The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office also has three non-contract deputies that work from the substation that respond to calls outside of the township. 

In addition, there are two School Resource Officers for Bedford Public Schools that work out of the substation.  The primary role of these deputies is in the schools of Bedford Township, but they also work within the township when school is not in session. 

Below is the contact information for these Officers: (please note there is an underscore needed between their first and last name in their emails) 


DISTRICT COMMANDER- Sgt. Robert Moody 734-240-7744

Detective- Det. Jeff Hooper 734-224-7316

Deputy John Bills 734-240-7753

Deputy Mary Linzie 734-240-7736

Deputy Jerald Johnson 734-240-7568

Deputy Paul Galloro  734-240-7542

Deputy Kenneth Dodds 734-240-7537

Deputy Steven Warren 734-240-7763

Deputy Alec Preadmore 734-240-7541

Deputy Dillan Romstadt 734-240-7762

Deputy Skyler Riffle 734-240-7724

Deputy Zachary Moore 734-240-7510



Deputy Randy Krupp 734-240-7732

Deputy Jeremy Lestock 734-240-7497